Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girls weekend!

Every summer daddy goes away for a boys weekend so WE have a girls weekend! 

It started out with shopping for new swimsuits and then having a picnic while wearing them :)
Amelia takes after her daddy.  She is our little artist and likes to draw houses like him.  She wanted to draw a village with some modern houses......daddy has some competition.  She might be taking over his firm some day!
My little Architect :)
Exhausted after a fun weekend with grandma Sue and Papa.  I walked out to check on her and this is what I saw.....
We had a great weekend with grandma & papa.  We went to a Redhawks game one night and Shrek @ Trollwood the next night!   Thanks for coming to share in our girls weekend :)
The end of the weekend she lost her 3rd tooth! 

Summer 2013.......Amelia skiing!!!!!!!!

Last summer Amelia used the ski trainer and mastered it so this was the summer that she needed to try the real thing :)  She did right up!  I have quite a few videos but need to figure out how to load those!  She got up at least 6 times this summer.....we were so proud :)

Daddy helping her get geared up.....notice how I missed his lower back when applying sunscreen :)

Looking a bit scared
Daddy giving instructions
All done.....look at that fake scared smile.
Happy to be done for the day!
That's Ruby!
Our great friends....Kaleb, Quinn & Heather!
Go Bison!
Amelia and I hung out at the street fair on an extremely hot afternoon & she rocked her gymnastics outfit the entire time!
Love when she is creative & keeps busy all by herself.
My them!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Medora Family Trip 2013

We headed to Medora with the Skari family & this was our first stop in Bismarck for a bite.  Missing from this photo is Quinn, who moments before bumped her head on the bear's claw & was in tears and Ruby who wouldn't pose.....great start to our trip!
We had to take the carriage ride through town while the daddies were golfing :)
We drove through the national park while Ruby slept.....always best for all involved because cars & Ruby don't mix :(   CAR SICK FROM THE MOMENT WE START MOVING
We were surrounded by was so neat.  The kids LOVED it!  We did a lot of swimming, walking & of course the musical :)
The first week of no school started off with a trip to the pool & running into friends there......
festival @ the park
and Movie in the Park night!
Minot over the 4th of July to spend at the lake with family.  The girls love to help grandma Pam.....not sure how helpful they really are!
Grandkids posing with grandma Pam & Darryl.....minus Ruby as usual.  She rarely poses when asked........
and with grandma Sue & Papa......minus Ruby!

May 2013

Ruby has a costume change MANY times daily.  She loves to be on her strider or scooter while wearing crazy things....gotta love our Ruby!
Trip to Minot so we had to check out the zoo with cousins.....
Cozied up with daddy......
The last few days of kindergarten was an olympic fun's Amelia's team!  Kids still think bunny ears are SO funny :)
Last day of went so fast :(
Date weekend in Minneapolis for us......we went to Lumineers concert, shopped & a couple fun nights out.....just the two of us!  Much needed :)

Amelia's 1st Kids Marathon!!

Marathon weekend is always a highlight in the spring for us.  Chris & I always do an event, whether it's the 1/2, relay or 10K but this time Amelia was ready for the kids event for the first time!!   Kids can choose between 1/2 mile or a mile and Amelia chose the 1/2 this year :)  She is geared up and ready to go!!
She found some friends right away :)
and they are off......
Love that excitement!!
We ran into our friends Leanne (super mom who pulled Amelia's tooth without her knowing) and Bella :)
Along the way she picked up more friends that she knew.....
they were rosey cheeked and not that exhausted at the end.....I think a fair amount of walking might've been involved!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Pics

We were having company over for dinner and I told Amelia to go get ready and this was the final product :)
Ruby goes, goes, goes and then she crashes!
Loving the tramp & of course a crazy smirk from Rubes
My two little artists!!
This is what I woke up to on Mother's Day.......
and hours later.....he's sleeping!

Spring 2013

Our girls!  Love them.
This was our spring.......lots & lots of snow well into April so we had to make the most of it :)
It wouldn't stop....
finally days before Amelia's 6th birthday we had some melting!  She had a spa & baking party with her friends from school.  Posing for a pic with miss Abby!
Here's the crew!  Trying to keep 12 five-six years olds busy & happy is too stressful :(
Amelia lost her first tooth on Cinco de Mayo, 2013.  We had a friend stop by and she wanted to feel Amelia's wiggly tooth.....2 seconds later it was out and Amelia didn't even notice.  She is a pro!